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Organisation NameBiologic
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First NameRadu
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Keywordsaridity; pedology; metabolites; forests; statistics
DescriptionFor this project we seek collaboration with partners that are working in the following fields: - Pedology, with emphasis on global warming and aridity, soil structure and composition - Composition of inorganic compounds and soil metabolite profiling. - Statistics with elements of climatology. - The structure of microbial communities (at the 16S and 18S level) and transcriptomic profiling in order to make correlations with other soil analyses.
Project DescriptionThe goal of this project is to demonstrate that adding soil metabolomics techniques to conventional methods of soil analysis will improve the understanding of the evolution of aridity. This approach will help quantify the capacity of forest islands to buffer the progression of aridity toward field cultures and will provide means of sequestering water in land ecosystems Our team will coordinate the project, perform analyses of functional metabolomics of interstitial water in soil (i.e. community level exo-enzymatic activities), and aid with data integration into specialized networks. We hypothesize that: 1) Exoenzyme multi-tests will be a good tool for functional metabolomics of soil. 2) Specific fingerprints will occur in the composition of soil organics in response to biased enzymatic activities. 3) A combination of classical soil analyses, climate and metabolomics will better describe the interaction between forest islands and progressive aridity. Project beneficial outcomes are: - Standard protocols to monitor the benefits of forest islands on metabolic rates in soil; - Making functional metabolomics data on soil compatible with existing databases for monitoring the progression of aridity in Europe; - Produce a proof of concept soil analysis automated station to monitor progressing aridity; - Help adapt the management of forest islands to the current rate of aridity progression. - Cool off the local microclimate near forest islands and sequester water in soil.
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