Offer TitleMethods for user integration, statistical modelling and environmental impact assessment
Organisation NameForschung Burgenland
Family NamePfeiffer
First NameChristian
Accademic TitleMag.
Department / SectionEnergy Transition
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Christian-Pfeiffer-5
KeywordsUser integration, statistical modelling, stakeholder participation, environmental impact assessment
DescriptionOur research group focuses on climate change adaptation, environmental impact assessment, stakeholder participation and acceptance using both quantitative and qualitative methods. In particular, we are interested in ecologic conditions of rivers and (steppe) lakes, water shortages and biodiversity. We employ interdisciplinary approaches to provide environmentally friendly, economically feasible and socially acceptable concepts and/or solutions. Thus, our research group generates added value to engineering research in particular. Experience in renewable energy, water management and circular economy is available through various interregional and international projects.
Project DescriptionWe are interested in projects that need supplementary expertise in stakeholder participation methods, statistical methods and/or environmental impact assessment in the context of ecologic conditions of rivers and/or (steppe) lakes or related topics.
Opportunities for Networking