Offer TitleOffer of collaboration for groundwater hydrology and aquifer characterisation
Organisation NameUniversità degli Studi di Milano
Family NameGiudici
First NameMauro
Accademic Titleprofessor
Department / SectionDipartimento di Scienze della terra "A. Desio"
Phone+39 02 503 18478
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-6703-5748
KeywordsGroundwater, Mathematical modelling, Geophysical prsopecting, Hydrostratirgaphy, Water resources
DescriptionOur team could support a research project through our experience in the multi-disciplinary (geology, geophysics, hydrology) characterisation of aquifers, in order to develop and apply methods to improve knowledge of buried water reservoirs (porous, fractured or karst aquifers) and their behavior as water storage systems. We could develop (a) innovative procedures for focused geological surveys and geophysical prospecting (e.g., with airborne electromagnetic methods), (b) integration of geophysical and hydrological data for the characterisation of the aquifer heterogeneity and the relationship between surface and ground water, (c) mathematical modeling of groundwater flow, including surface water-groundwater interaction, of soil-atmosphere mass and energy exchange, of intense meteorological events. See further info at https://sites.unimi.it/labidrogeofisica/
Project DescriptionOur expertise could help any project related to the design, realization and monitoring of actions aimed to the sustainable management and protection of water resources. In particular we could support prediction and monitoring of effectiveness and efficiency of policies and actions, with specific attention to issues related to the spatial and temporal variability of the elements of the water budget and to water quality issues, e.g., related to salt-water intrusion in coastal areas, pollution from accidental release of contaminants in urbanised and industrial areas or from use of pesticides and fertilizers in the agricultural sector.
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