Offer TitlePartner for micro and nano characterisation methodologies
Organisation NameA.P.E.Research srl
Family NameStefano
First NameDe Monte
Accademic TitleDr.stefano.demonte@aperesearch.com
Department / Section
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Keywordsmicro and nano analisys
DescriptionA.P.E.Research (APE) is an high-tech company specialised in the production of advanced instrumentation in the field of NanoTechnologies . Most of the advanced instrumentation consists of particular types of very high resolution microscopes (Scanning Probe Microscopes - SPM). This type of instrumentation (AFM, STM SNOM) offer advanced characterisation methodologies and tools for nanomaterials, micro and nanoparticles, and addresses advanced users, such as Universities and research centres in several fields and disciplines: Material Science, Surface Science, Biology, Chemistry, Medicine. Applications also for Energy, Materials, Environment and Pollution, Safety and Health. APE managed several EU R&D projects within FP7 and H2020
Project DescriptionWe are able to perform micro and nano analisys of waters . Our instruments are designed to be integrated seamlessly with other systems like micro-RAMAN, and other devices, for scientists who need research grade performances and ease of use. In R&D projects with the other partners we are able to develop new tools for advanced characterisation methodologies for nanomaterials, micro and nanoparticles.
Opportunities for NetworkingWe are searching for projects where we can offer our specific expertise.