Offer TitlePortuguese partner on hydological modelling, climate projections, nature-based-solutions
Organisation NameCBMA, University of Minho, Portugal
Family NameCarvalho-Santos
First NameClaudia
Accademic TitleResearcher
Department / SectionCentre for Molecular and Environmental Biology & Institute for Bio-sustainability
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-1841-209X
KeywordsHydrological modelling of extremes, Nature-based solutions, Stakeholders envolvement, Restoration, cost-benefit
DescriptionCláudia Carvalho-Santos developed her research in the areas of water resources, hydrological modelling and ecosystem services modelling and accounting. She completed a bachelor in Geography (2004); a master in Ecology (2009); and a PhD in Biodiversity (2014) by the University of Porto, Portugal. During her master and PhD, she spent three years in the Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Since 2015, she has been working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Aveiro, University of Porto and since 2018 at the University of Minho, Portugal. She has published 24 articles in international journals and 4 book chapters. She presented her work in 19 communications in international and 6 national events, and organized 2 international conferences and 1 training school. She is currently part of the team in 5 on-going scientific projects, being principal investigator in the recently approved Trees4Water, and was involved in 7 former projects. She was in the genesis of the recently launched WaterCORE colab in Portugal and was representative member of Portugal in the COST Action PESFOR-W - Payments for ecosystem services, Forests for Water. She is supervising 7 students (2 PhD and 5 Master's students) and has supervised 2 successful Master's theses. In parallel teaching graduate modules in universities.
Project DescriptionInterested in joining consortium on the topics 1 (Resilience, adaptation and mitigation), offering our expertise on hydrological modelling of extremes in the future (including fire and impacts on water resources), nature-based solutions and restoration, ecosystem services modelling and accounting (with experience with several projects Climalert, River2Ocean and Trees4Water). And also topic 3 (Water Governance) and cross topic related projects. Our team is on the genesis of the recently lauched Portuguese WaterCORE COLAB - WATER-centered Collaborative laboratory for Resilient communities where academia and the corporate sector will make efforts for improving the water knowledge.
Opportunities for NetworkingAvailable for collaboration as project partners. Our team has been working in freshwater ecology, ecosystem services and water resources in the face of global changes. Excellent laboratory facilities, great experience in freshwater field work and modelling tools such as hydrological modelling. Experience in leading and partnerships in transnational projects.