Offer TitleSediment transport, microplastics, floods, flash-floods, rivers, lakes, wetlands, saltmarshes
Organisation NameUniversity of Girona
Family NameColomer
First NameJordi
Accademic TitleProfessor
Department / SectionPhysics
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KeywordsSediment transport,floods,model tools,wetlands,saltmarshes
DescriptionIn our laboratory facilities we have instrumentation to mimic real field situations (rivers, saltmarshes, etc) by means of laboratory flumes. These flumes are equiped to reproduce a wave field or advection. They can also reproduce flash-floods with special gates that can be installed in the flume. We also have instrumentation to mesure the flow velocity and the particle concentration transported by the flow. The flumes have also special injectors designed to mimic real situations of spills of contaminants in order to evaluate the retention in the system.
Project DescriptionWe are interested in participating in a project that deals with the transport of sediments, microplastics and contaminants, in aquatic environments (freshwater systems, wetlands, saltmarshes, rivers) caused by extreme events such as flash-floods. We are also interested in the effect of obstacles along the flowpath (such as bedforms, vegetation, types of bed) in the transport of sediments and contaminants.
Opportunities for NetworkingWe are open to any discussion on any potential proposal related to our field of expertise. We have experience in participating in other european projects and european networks. We have also experience in leading workpackages of european projects.