Offer TitleAI software tool development to improve the efficiency of water distribution networks (WISE project)
Organisation NameISURKI, S.L.
Family NameMutuberria
First NameIñaki
Accademic TitleEngineer
Department / SectionManagement
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KeywordsIIoT, wireless sensors, smart water, smart cities, NRW
DescriptionISURKI is an engineering company located in the North of Spain founded in 1992 focused on providing products and tailored turn-key solutions for the control of different public services and facilities, such as water distribution networks and irrigation systems, industrial processes, environment surveillance networks, public lightning, etc. Our self-designed and developed products are focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem with application in climate change, smart cities and renewable energies and sustainable resources management. The scope of our customized control systems includes the different stages of a project like engineering, electric & electronical design, cabinet mounting, telecontrol outstations configuration, programming, start-up, user's staff training and final commissioning, therefore supplying complete turn-key solutions fulfilling the customer’s requirements. We do have developed our own telecontrol wireless outstations as well as the SCADA software for the remote supervision & control of any process, infrastructure, or facility, using the most advanced communication technologies.
Project DescriptionAn industrial software & hardware system house located in the north of Spain with and expertise of 30 years in the field of instrumentation & control applied to water infrastructures seeks European water management companies, research centres, private companies and stakeholders for the development, on-the-ground improvement, test and validation of a new software-based expert system for the improvement of the efficiency of drinkable water distributions networks (WISE, Water Infrastructures’ Software based Efficiency). The main goal of the project lies not only in collecting reliable, meaningful online real-time data from the process to be controlled (a task in which ISURKI would provide its consolidated expertise using cutting-edge techs) but also in turning this data into valuable information through the application of adequate and consolidated analysis tools (a field in which the knowledge of other partners results to be crucial). The subsequent target is to help the water distribution management companies and policy maker to take better decisions, hence improving the performance indicators (PI) of their facilities according to the recommendations of the International Water Association and the World Health Organization, making them more resilient and adaptive against the hydroclimate extreme events such as floods and droughts consequence of the climate change. As a first approach, the core of the system will lay in the so-called M-A-D model (Measure - Analyse -Decide)
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