Offer TitleEilat as a demonstration site
Organisation NameMunicipality of Eilat
Family NameZajbert
First NameSalome
Accademic TitleMrs
Department / SectionEnvironmental Unit
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KeywordsDemonstration Site ; Red Sea ; waste management ; adaptation ; mitigation ; resilience
DescriptionWe propose Eilat (Red Sea, Israel) as a demo site to test the project’s results. The uniqueness of Eilat City lies in its ecological assets, its remoteness, the extreme desert weather conditions, and its achievements as a leader in energy efficiency - 100% of the city's daytime electricity is from renewable sources. Eilat was chosen as one of the 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission, which aimed to deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. Furthermore, we have a designated Smart City team, professionals who are dedicated to implementing innovative and sustainable solutions in the Eilat-Eilot region. We would love to "smarten" our water system and make it more resilient and efficient. Our city is already leading international water projects such as the EU-Funded Project Ô which intends to demonstrate approaches and technologies to drive an integrated and symbiotic use of water within a specific area, putting together the needs of different users and waste water producers, involving regulators, service providers, civil society, industry and agriculture. We would like to participate in the Water4All call (Topic 1 or 2) to improve our resilience, adaptation, mitigation mechanisms, or water management system.
Project DescriptionWe offer Eilat as a demonstration site for solutions to Topic 1 or Topic 2. Due to its location at the southernmost point of the Negev desert, by the Red Sea, Eilat faces extreme hot weather, regular drought, and flash floods. Thus, the municipality is looking to participate in projects that could improve our resilience, adaptation, mitigation mechanisms, or water management system.
Opportunities for NetworkingWe would be delighted to exchange with potential partners and see how we can implement their solutions to our city and monitor its results.