Offer TitlePartner
Organisation NameEden Tech
Family NameVenkateshaiah
First NameAbhilash
Accademic TitleDr
Department / SectionResearch and innovation department
Phone+ (33) 188 327 405
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KeywordsMicrofluidics,Water remediation,microplastics,Micropollutants
DescriptionEden Tech develops high-impact, biomimetic microfluidic solutions for the new era. Our ultra-compact microfluidic technologies, inspired by nature, achieve revolutionary chemical and biological performances through ultra-precise kinetic and reactional control. The biomimetic design operates with ultra-low energy requirement, enabling accessible treatment of large fluidic volume. Our new technology is the first of its kind to use massive integration of microfluidic circuits and is currently applied to 2 innovations focusing on water remediation and management: 1) For the removal of micropollutants and potabilization at municipal and industrial scales. Compared to current technology, it is 5 and 10 times more efficient in terms of energy efficiency and flux-compactness. It promotes a new, decentralized solution to the growing challenge of micropollutants, urbanization and water stress. 2) For the removal of microplastics from coastal and river areas. Its compact design facilitate deployment on fishing- and cleaning-vessels as well as rivers banks to collect up to 15T/month offering service for sustainable coastal management and preservation of high-value marine areas (Marine Protected Area, Eco-Tourism, aquaculture). We have focused our development to preserve our most precious, threatened, resource with our solutions.
Project DescriptionWe would like to be a part of the consortium working on the water remediation, coastal management and marine habitat restoration.
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