Offer TitleProject Partnership
Organisation NameUzunkopru Municipality
Family NameCekic
First NameSenay
Accademic Titleproject expert
Department / SectionEnvironmental department
Phone+90 5416398120
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Keywordsfloods, resilience, water threats, water contamination
DescriptionUzunkopru Municipality, Turkey is a local administration, public body working for non-profit aims and for ensuring the main services to the local citizens. According to the Law on Municipalities, the municipalities are vested with powers in two large domains - service provision and administrative tutelage. Administrative tutelage pertains to, among others, construction, environment, local transportation, and workplace permits. Uzunkopru Municipality is administratively responsible for the management of one of the biggest districts of Edirne. The population of the municipality is nearly 60 000 people and there is tangible negative migration in the region – in 2007 the population of the district was nearly 72000 people. Uzunkopru municipality administration has different departments working in different spheres - department for culture, department for the investment works, department of environment and management of the wastes, financial department, etc.
Project DescriptionThe municipality administration is ready to work on the projects for applicaiton of a new technologies in decontamination of the water resources, due to the existing local problems with the industrial and agricultural pollution of the river crossing the town. Also, we are facing with freguent situations of floods in the town and needed from applicaiton of smart solutions in the flood management field.
Opportunities for NetworkingUzunkopru municipality administration is the only institution responsible for proper mobility management in the town of Uzunkopru. The town has an all needful motivation and willingness to apply the new technologies and principles for the ensuring clean air, water resources management and decontamination. Flood disaster management also is among our priorities. Uzunkopru Municipality has successfully managed six Interreg Projects and wide partnership networking background.