Offer TitlePartner - Water4All
Organisation NameFaculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Babes-Bolyai University
Family NameAjtai
First NameIulia
Accademic TitlePhD
Department / SectionEnvironmental Engineering
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://www.brainmap.ro/iulia-ajtai
Keywordsfloods, water resources, GIS, modelling
DescriptionOur team has experience in flood risk assessment studies and disaster management. Our researched is focused on geospatial data, statistical data series, satellite imagery, GIS tools with application in flood risk assessment and management. Out team members worked in projects related to land monitoring, water resources and conservation, flood hazard mapping and flood risk management, ecosystem services mapping, GIS modelling and extreme weather events database statistics.
Project DescriptionWe are interested in joining as partners in projects related to floods, hydro-climatic extreme events, database statistics and analysis, ecosystem services mapping and analysis, GIS modelling and water resource conservation and analysis.
Opportunities for Networking