Offer TitleRaman analysis + ML-enabled analyte detection
Organisation NameNYCU
Family Namerini
First Namestefano
Accademic Titleprofessor
Department / SectionECE
Phone+886 0905672515
Websiteod start-ups (such as Impossible Foods) in the US use Raman spectroscopy in their processes and we were curious if FIRDI has something similar. Here is the link to our lab if you are curious about anything we do 🙂
Link to 'research gate' or equivalent
KeywordsRaman signal, SERS, pesticide, pollutant, analyte detection, Ph measuraments, machine learning, deep neural network
DescriptionMy lab has focused on the problem of pesticide detection from SERS measurement and Ph estimation from Raman spectrum in a flow cytometry system. We have partnered with an applied chemistry lab and physics labs to perform our measurements and have handled the data management and data analysis. We have a cross-disciplinary preparation, that ranges from the preparation of silver colloid solution to the training of neural attention gates. We have developed various machine learning and deep learning to the data analysis of Raman and SERS spectra. We are interested in expanding both our data collection and data analysis capabilities through this project. We hope to be able to provide novel optical analysis techniques, coupled with machine learning and deep learning-enabled measurement analysis for the detection of pollutants in the water supply
Project DescriptionWe would like to join a project where optical analysis of water is necessary to provide a fast and cheap way to acquire measurements to monitor water quality and safety.
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