Offer TitleGroundwater management
Organisation NameUniversity of Latvia
Family NameRetike
First NameInga
Accademic TitleResearcher
Department / SectionFaculty of Geography and Earth Sciences
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Inga-Retike
Keywordsgroundwater droughts, modelling, water quality, water policy, groundwater dependent ecosystems
DescriptionOur team has a long-term experience in joining and leading international projects (Interreg, Norway grants, H2020, LIFE etc). We also work with science communication and dissemination activities, including citizen science. Our main area of expertise is groundwater management and we actively work on supporting national authorities in implementation of EU water policy (WFD, Nitrates directive, Groundwater directive, Drinking water directive etc.) in Latvia. Some of the expertise areas, but not limited to are: a) groundwater drought assessment in Baltics via machine learning; b) groundwater quality assessment (including derivation of baseline levels and thresholds) and analysis of emerging pollutants; c) surface - groundwater interaction (e.g. by water stable isotopes) and identification/assessment of groundwater dependent (e.g. wetlands) and associated aquatic ecosystems (lakes, rivers); d) seawater intrusions and delineation/assessment of water bodies at risk; e) citizen science (e.g. spring voluntary monitoring). As our team is a part of larger department, we can cover a variety of other research fields too. For more information you can visit my ResearchGate account or contact me directly.
Project DescriptionWe would be interested to join a project that covers some of the indicated topics above, but are open for other ideas too. We have a competence handling the big data, modelling, application of machine learning algorithms, GIS, remote sensing etc. Also, we have different analytical laboratories (e.g. water stable isotope laboratory) and lots of field equipment to gather new data and work in the field. We also would like to join project teams working with development and testing of new methods/tools for improving the water management at EU level, e.g. implementation of a specific directive's needs as we have employees with working experience at the European Commission's working groups and long-term collaboration with national authorities.
Opportunities for NetworkingWe can have an email exchange or arrange an online meeting anytime.