Offer TitleSatellite imaging monitoring
Organisation NameVilnius University
Family NamePetkevičius
First NameLinas
Accademic TitleAssociate Professor
Department / SectionInstitute of Computer Science
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Linas-Petkevicius
Keywordsdeep learning, satellite imaging, Sentinel-2, image recognition, lake recognition
DescriptionL. Petkevičius has a PhD in computer science (Vilnius University) with good competencies in both informatics and statistics. L. Petkevičius is a researcher working with artificial intelligence technologies. His interest falls into deep learning applications to satellite imaging. Main interest falls on creation of new computer visions applications to detect water sources and monitoring based on satellite imaging.
Project DescriptionNew generation multi-task recognition from satellite image algorithms for climate monitoring With boomming of new technologies of computer vision and artificial intelligence, the climate monitoring becomes more easy. Various statistics and interests could be tracked and monitored via satellite imaging and new algorithms. The multi-task detection and semantic segmentation of multiple objects are the direction we investigate.
Opportunities for NetworkingThe Institute of Computer Science could be good partners for data analysis, satellite image monitoring, and water sources like lakes tracking.