Offer TitleTechnological partner looking for partners
Organisation NameCibernos
Family NameCapitán
First NameDaniel
Accademic TitleBA
Department / SectionCibernos Group
Phone+34 917 24 19 40
Link to 'research gate' or equivalent
KeywordsBig Data, Artificial Intelligence, water management, IoT, optimization
DescriptionCibernos was created in 1966 to help organizations to benefit from technology, with a strong commitment to services and the creation of new products. Cibernos, as a large and consolidated company in the tech market, counts on a extensive experience in tackling different challenges that is facing today's society. Thanks to its background Cibernos has a relevant positioning as a technology partner of public administrations and large companies, leading and participating in large-scale and complex projects.
Project DescriptionWe would like to implement a concept focused on AI approaches for predicting water consumption and the potential application of gamification techniques to create an efficient behaviour related to water consumption.
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