Offer TitleDiscrete mathematical optimization models and graph algorithms in the context of flood mitigation
Organisation NameTUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability
Family NameThielen
First NameClemens
Accademic TitleProf. Dr.
Department / Section
Phone‭+49 9421 187175‬
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://scholar.google.de/citations?user=l09vvecAAAAJ&hl=de&oi=ao
KeywordsDiscrete Optimization, Graph Algorithms, Flood Mitigation
DescriptionMy group has developed a discrete optimization model to help with the planning of optimal precautionary measures that reduce the damage to buildings in case of heavy rain events (see https://cnw.cs.tum.de/akut/?lang=en for details about the corresponding project). Our mixed-integer programming model has been implemented as an innovative decision support tool in the form of a web application, which has already been used by more than~25 engineering offices, municipalities, universities, and other institutions. The model aims to minimize the damage caused in the case of a heavy rain event by taking best-possible actions subject to a limited budget and constraints on the cooperation of residents. It uses graph algorithms to model the underlying terrain and to compute high-quality initial solutions.
Project DescriptionI would be interested in projects that need expertise in (discrete) mathematical optimization and/or graph algorithms in the context of flood mitigation or related topics. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss a possible project idea!
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