Offer TitleSIGNALERT APP crowdmapping, citizen Science for Disasters resilience & climate change adaptation
Organisation NameSIGNALERT sarl
Accademic TitleDoctor
Department / Sectiongeneral manager
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.signalert&hl=fr&gl=US
Keywordscitizenscience, disasters, resilience earlywarning
DescriptionOur company is specialized in disasters risks reduction and climate change adaptation, crisis management, environmental monitoring, policy definitions. Our flagship is the Signalert App crowdmapping smartphone applications, operational worldwide, in 5 languages. The app is adopted in several countrie (Haiti, Tunisie, France). it allows anyone (citizen or member of a group) to share description of statif or dynamic events related to 27 differents types of phenonons including hydroclimatic events but also contamination. the tool can by linked to Internet of Things and small sensors to analysis at the same time, physical measurements and description by users. intensity scales or specific protocols area added in the App to spot and describe a situation with generic markers allowing to quantify intensity of source phenomenon and impacts on stakes. Web service are used to process and analyse alerst published by app users. An API allows connection with any other service or system. An alert published with the app is shared among app users and analysed on the web services for detection of exceedance of critical thresholds and generate alerts. the system offers a reverse process to communicate with app uses for early warning, send him advices and maps about a static or evolving situation. The app is free and available on Appstore and Playstore.
Project Descriptionwe are seeking to join a group working on extreme events related to water, flash floods, urban run-off but Drought as well, who plan to involve citizens as actors in situation awareness, participation to events characterizations and impacts and damages assessment. Our system is also able to emit early warning messages and communicate massively with citiznes or groups of users, send tehm early warning messages and maps depicting evolving situation. Our app and the exploitation web services can be used as well in cold situation to spot and describe local conditions or phenomenons, geographical or slow evolving environmental conditions creating favourable situations for extreme events.
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