Offer TitleProject Partner
Organisation NameØstfold University College
Family NameMarentakis
First NameGeorgios
Accademic TitleAssociate Professor
Department / Section
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-6563-9601
Keywordshuman computer interaction, multimodal interfaces, mobile interaction design, virtual and augmented reality, sonification and auditory display
DescriptionI am an Associate Professor in Human Computer Interaction specialising in Sonic Interaction Design, Multimodal Interfaces, and Virtual and Augmented Reality. I am currently involved in a small research pre-project in Norway, together with local actors, which investigates the use of eco-feedback interfaces for helping stimulate consumer behaviour towards sustainable water consumption. The project looks at involving residential users but also industry and the public sector in such activities.
Project DescriptionI am looking to join as a partner in projects looking for an interaction design or human computer interaction partner. I would be interested in I investigating multimodal presentation methods for stimulating sustainable water behaviour for everyday users and other stakeholders. I am interested in designing different interfaces for different stakeholders and situations ranging from mobile/wearable interfaces, to control screens, but also public displays, or even artistic installations investigating water consumption.
Opportunities for NetworkingI am looking for relevant partners and can provide links to the consortium of the project I am running at the moment with expertise in interaction design which also involves partners from local government.