Offer TitleOffer for collaboration as a partner in surface water hydrology / urban hydrology
Organisation NameInstitute of Hydrology, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Family NameSokáč
First NameMarek
Accademic TitleDr.
Department / Sectiondpt. of surface hydrology
CountrySlovak Republic
Phone+421 2 3229 3524
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Marek-Sokac-2
Keywordssurface water hydrology, urban hydrology / drainage, pollution spreading, sewerage systems, hydraulics
DescriptionOur departement / team can participate on projects, dealing with surface water / urban hydrology, with large project experiences form previous FP7 and H2020 projects. We are equipped with devices for basic / advanced hydrological field measurements (velocity, flow rate, bathymetry, basic water quality parameters), tracer experiments, autonomous unmanned GPS-navigated surface/underwater vehicle for bathymetry and water quality mapping. We can participate also on projects, focused on urban areas: monitoring of sewer systems, tracer experiments, some members of the team have more than 20-years experience in research work and practical experience in the area of sewer systems, including mathematical modelling of the runoff in urban areas.
Project DescriptionWe consider as one of the biggest problems connected with extreme climatic events in our country (Slovakia) the lack of a systematic approach for the cities adaptation and impacts mitigation of the extreme climatic events. There area in fact no legislation, comprehensive manuals , nor scientific base for a proper design of the adaptation and mitigation measures, the implementation is chaotic, random, expensive and very often ineffective. The proposed project may have the ambition to change this. But of course, we are open also for projects, focused on other research fields.
Opportunities for NetworkingBased on the national regulations, only Slovak Academy of Sciences can participate in this call, so we (Institute of Hydrology SAS) are de facto the one of the few possible partners from Slovakia.