Offer TitleEnergy efficiency and asset resilience via AI monitoring and expertise
Organisation NameSamotics
Family NameHickmann
First NameThea
Accademic TitleMSc
Department / Section
Link to 'research gate' or equivalentsamotics.com
Keywordswater, wastewater, energy, carbon, maintenance
DescriptionAt Samotics we use artificial intelligence to offer our 2 AI-driven solutions for customers who wish to both eliminate unplanned downtime and energy waste of industrial electric motors. SAM4 Health is our predictive maintenance solution which enables customers to predict in advance when their critical assets will fail, and SAM4 Energy is our energy efficiency solution which leverages the power of IoT, algorithms and industry expertise to provide real-time insights on energy usage and generate clear energy efficiency actions. We install our sensors from the safety of the motor control cabinet, which means that we are capabale of monitoring all submerged equipment such as borehole pumps, without needing to interfere with the asset itself. Our algorithms and library of failure patterns have enabled us to predict when as asset will fail up to 5 months in advance - and can detect these electrical and/or mechanical failures accross the entire drivetrain. We also use our real time pump curves to determine when for example, a pump is operating outside of its best efficiency point and then provide clear and actionable advice in order to optimise the operational strategy of that pump.
Project DescriptionWe would be interested in joining any project that is focused on decreasing carbon emissions and/or strengthening maintenance strategies and asset resilience.
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