Offer TitleGeological Specialist
Organisation NameSAMSUN AFAD
Family NameDogramaci
First NameEmre
Accademic TitleB. Sc.
Department / SectionPlanning and Mitigation
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://europa.eu/europass/eportfolio/api/eprofile/shared-profile/6348e7c6-5910-4fe9-8368-f71c0cf40319?view=html
Keywordshumanitarian aid, geological survey, risk reduction plan, water related disaster management, flood risk reduction, flood early warning, ifas
DescriptionI am an geological engineer at Samsun Provincial Disaster and Emergency Department, Turkey. I received training on flood risk reduction, response and recovery in China and Japan. I also prepared a flood disaster risk reduction plan for 4 provinces in our country. I worked on practical solutions that can be applied for the early warning (also with IFAS software), planning and improvement phases of flooding. Although I am weak in calculation techniques, I have field practices on the applicability of plans and raising public awareness.
Project DescriptionI would be interested in projects that work on the urban transformation of areas under the threat of flooding, the relocation of these areas to "safe" lands, the recreation of risky areas that are very costly to move.
Opportunities for NetworkingPlease email me at "afademre@hotmail.com" if you like to have a video call for an informal meeting or discussion.