Offer TitleInterest in testing and demonstrate better irrigation efficiency and practices on vineyards
Organisation NameAVIPE
Family NameCachão
First NameMiguel
Accademic TitleAgronomic Engineer
Department / SectionAVIPE
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Keywordsvineyards, agriculture, sustainability, efficiency, farms
DescriptionAVIPE’s core business is on grapevine consultancy. It supports about 4000Ha from 350 farmers and its mains activities are related to integrated pest management, irrigation, fertilizations, training vineyards and investment project implementation. AVIPE is involved in 4 European projects and develops its own R&D on a demo farm where organizes trials and demonstration activities to farmers. Actually, AVIPE is working on 2 studies regarding water use efficiency: water stress according to grapevine varieties and the use of products that can hold water in soil and make it available for crops.
Project DescriptionAVIPE is willing to participate as pratical partner where ideas coming from the project would applies at field level. We can also have an important role on communication and dissemination not just with farmers but also with policy actors and academia.
Opportunities for NetworkingParticipation in OIV congress next November