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Organisation NameITECAM
Family NameGiammei
First NameGloria
Accademic TitleMsc. Degree
Department / SectionITECAM
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KeywordsTechnology, digital transformation, climate change, circular economy, hydrogen, additive manufacture
DescriptionITECAM is the Industrial Technological Centre of Castilla-La Mancha, created as a private non-profit business association since 2002 whose main goal has been to encourage innovation and promote competitiveness in metal-mechanic industries, as the ones dedicated to transformation, processing, equipment development, machinery and systems proved to metallic purposes. Through a technical team and using advanced technological resources, the Centre develops an R+D+& applied, working in the generation of new products, services, processes improvements, technological implantations and knowledge transfer. Those purposes achieved through quality technological services, implantations and supports of projects, R+D+& business consults as well as a specific training adapted to the improvement of talent. Major values: -Enterprising spirit -Multidisciplinary capacity in search of solutions -Cooperative encouragement -Transparency and professional ethic. -Responsibility, integrity and confidentiality
Project DescriptionKnowing that conviction in investigation, technological development and innovation are the essential pillars in which our competitiveness development is based on, ITECAM offers to its clients a consultative service and personal advising in R+D+& projects. In order to achieve that purpose, ITECAM conforms a multidisciplinary team of professional workers who configure work teams depending on necessities and results needed to achieve each project.
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