Offer TitleDetermination of toxic effects in animals and animal samples
Organisation NameUniversity of Life Sciences in Lublin
Family NameBownik
First NameAdam
Accademic Titleassociate professor
Department / SectionDepartment of Hydribiology and Protection of Ecosystems
Phone0-81 461 00 61, wewn. 307
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KeywordsDetermination of toxicity, Biotests, ecotoxicological assays, behavioral assys, Aquatic animals
DescriptionWe propose testing and monitoring of environmental impact of chemicals and potential influence on aquatic biota (fish, invertebrates and plants) by using novel ecotoxicological approach with behavioral and biochemical indices. Determination of Effective concentration (EC50) Lethal concentration (LC50), lethal values for single compounds and their mixtures to assess possible antagonistic, additive or synergistic interations.
Project DescriptionProject assoaciated with determination of environmental impact of bioactive substances on aquatic biota. Assessment of toxicity with behavioral, physiological and cytological endpoints in animals.
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