Offer TitleMD/MSc
Organisation NameUniversity of Lausanne (UNIL) / Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV)
Family NameIssa Garcia
First NameVictor Ernesto
Accademic TitleMD/MSc
Department / SectionLNDS
Link to 'research gate' or equivalenthttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-9596-988X
Keywordsprogramming skills, data analysis, molecular biology, microbiology, rodent models
DescriptionI am an MD/MSc with a strong background in human biology and neuroscience. I was also fortunate to have many international, full-time research experiences in US, Quebec, and Germany in which I learned the molecular biology techniques and the fundamentals of signal and image processing. I started learning programming since high school, using Matlab since my research internship in 2014, bash and R since the MSc, and Python during my free time after the MSc. During the last year, I have taken the two Neuromatch Academy courses on Computational Neurosciences and Deep Learning in which I learned about the topics and refined my Python skills. In the last months I have also refreshed in depth how to use Git and Github. Throughout my life, I have acquired and improved my written and verbal English communication skills to a C1 level. I am currently a researcher taking a leave (i.e. I can work full-time on the proposal) in Lausanne, Switzerland at UNIL/CHUV. I have been interested for a long time in sustainable development goals (SDGs) and I am looking forward to help design a project or help writing the proposal of and executing an already conceived project intending to advance the achievement of SDG 6. I can contribute with my medical knowledge and my programming, data / signal analysis and molecular biology skills to the proposal and, if hopefully funded, to write code or run experiments for the execution of the project.
Project DescriptionI am reading actively all the documents from the current call (I am very detail-oriented and careful not to miss anything when submitting applications). I am currently learning about all sort of topics concerning SDG 6, and reviewing everything I have covered during my curriculum related to healthy water consumption. In the same manner, I am learning how the scientific methods I have learned can be applied into projects that help solving the problems of the call. I am looking forward to collaborating with you.
Opportunities for NetworkingI have worked in many laboratories of Mexico, US, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. Therefore I am very connected with the scientific community in several universities or research institutes. To mention some of them: Columbia University Medical Center in New York, Houston Medical Center, University of Montreal, Technical University of Munich, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).