Offer TitleEvaluation of alternative water resources rainwater storage
Organisation NameTrabzon Büyükşehir Belediyesi
First NameRafet Sema
Accademic TitleEngineer (Project Specialist)
Department / SectionTrabzon Metropolitan Municipality Foreign Relations and Projects Branch Directorate
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KeywordsRainwater Storage, Conservation of Natural Resources, Evaluation of Alternative Water Resources, Rainwater Harvest, Fight Thirst and Drought
DescriptionThe municipality is a constitutional institution established within a certain legal order in order to meet the common and local needs of all living things, especially human beings, living within the borders of the province. They are responsible for many activities carried out in the province. Water and water management are among the most important activities of the municipality.
Project DescriptionThe deterioration of the air balance due to climate change causes extreme weather events, the unpredictability of water availability, the exacerbation of water scarcity, and the pollution of water resources. The collection, storage, and evaluation of rainwater is a very important method in terms of water resources management. As Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, we aim to manage this process in the best way. Trabzon is a city that receives rain for 12 months, so it is very suitable for rainwater storage. For rainwater management, it is aimed to use the stored rainwater instead of the mains water in the irrigation areas of the municipal parks in the first place. We are looking for partners who can work with us on this project. if you are interested in this topic and would like to work with us. can you please contact us.
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